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@syntax2002 You may want to ask doctor about getting a sleep study done. As I mentioned above, I had these same issues for years, since I was in my 30's. Then at 46yo last year, got diagnosed for AFIB, and also started CPAP/BIPAP machine. They diagnosed me with "mild" sleep apnea. For years my doctors claimed it was only "anxiety" causing the issues. Don't waste 10 years of your life, by not finding out what is going on. If your current doctors just claim anxiety, make sure they rule out other causes like sleep apnea and AFIB. All of it is related to each other. Sleep apnea can cause AFIB and heart rhythm issues over time.

I probably had sleep apnea for years without knowing, and they were just treating me with Prozac, Zoloft, and other med's over the years. Not once did anyone say to get a sleep study until I was older. Even though I have "mild" sleep apnea, it was enough to cause issues. My heart still goes crazy at times, even though I'm on Multaq for AFIB which should also control rhythm.

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Yes, me too. My heart does run what I can and cannot do. Oh well, I'm doing okay. Helps to know what's going on.