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All of you: Go see a licensed holistic doctor, nutritionist, or health care practioner. Diet is behind osteopenia and osteoporosis, and only THEN consider surgery AFTER trying tuning up your fuel intake first!
My semi-vegetarian health nut (yoga, bicycling) sun-screen wearing sister in MN at 40 yrs old had her Vit D level at 8 & severe osteoporosis. She broke bones every time she fell or tripped. Her doctors gave her 50k IU D2 weekly. Surgeons removed 3-1/2 parathyroid glands. She still had issues.
Her doctor's medical practice finally added a nutritionist to their staff. My sister then found out it was all caused by a mineral and vitamin imbalance, and NOT her parathyroids suddenly going wonky.

Bone Building:
Calcium: Magnesium: Phosphorous HAS to be in a 2:1:1 ratio to build bones, and my sister had too much phosphorous and too little magnesium.
Almost all Americans have high calcium (and excess belly fat) due to our love of cheese, milk, yogurt, and ice cream.
Eliminate all dairy for a few months and see what happens (….besides your post nasal drip and a few lbs going away). Use Avocodo or Olive Oil instead of butter whenever possible. It is worth a try.

Synthetic D2 is poorly converted in many older people (due to their low stomach acid), and so my sister switched to (natural) 5000 IU Vit D3 a.m &pm, got outside to garden more (and tan), then Vit D numbers started to climb. Now 57, she is not 100%, but doing a lot better than when she was 40.
Poor digestion:
If you have digestion issues (or a missing gallbladder), your absorption of fats, proteins, certain minerals, and fat-soluble vitamins (like A, E, D, etc.) will be poor. You may have acid reflux and burp a lot (SIBO). It is another good reason to consult a nutritionist, and increase your celery and cucumber intake (for their chloride and special electrolytes).
Vit D is actually a hormone complex with little known about it, so chemical precursors like D2 are a poor approximation. Keep a light natural tan, but no burning. Tan arms is not enough.
…Just remember our ancestors wore loin cloths (if that) all summer!

Vit K2 is what drives calcium into the bones and keeps it out of the soft tissues, causing osteoarthritis, cataracts, hardened heart valves, etc. K2 comes from fermented foods, which are eaten daily in most European and Asian cultures, but not in the U.S.
LifeExtension did a lot of research on K2, and won in court against the FDA after they got caught publishing 'health claims' for an essential vitamin. (Duh!).
Vit K2 is different than K1, which helps with blood clotting.
Statins block Vit K , and just look at all the listed side effects. Statins also increase all-cause mortality; just ask your prescribing doctor if they have ever read the actual original 3rd party research. Unless they are somehow medically necessary, any statins should be discontinued with your doctor's help.
Instead, keep triglyceride (fat globules in the blood) levels low (

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