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@eliana5 I use melatonin to help me get to sleep. From my knowledge it is very commonly used for that. I started with 1 mg. I now take 3 mg when I take it and hesitate to go higher because I have read that more than that can cause nightmares.
It does help me get to sleep but it doesn’t last through the night. There is an Rx only melatonin now that is time released so does help with being able to stay asleep.

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@eliana5 your pharmacist or doctor. Could advise you about the dose of melatonin and frequency. Also should be on the bottle.

Thank you. This is very helpful. Someone here – resident said she takes "gummies"? I guess they should come in tablets too..I will try it. I hope I can also get it prescribed, but I am figuring Psychiatrist won't prescribe it, so I wonder if General doctor's can? Thank you for the helpful information..☺

By the way, I have read that as you age there is a drop in the melatonin that your body naturally produces, thus the reason why us older people have more trouble sleeping.
I haven’t really researched this, just came across it somewhere, but it probably makes sense.