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Parkinson’s unresponsive episodes.

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I am helping care for a friend who has Parkinson's, he is 81 years old. His wife is 92 and having a difficult time. A couple of days ago he was asleep at about 1130 and at 1:00 p.m. his therapist arrived and we could not get him to respond to any of us. We tried sternal rubs and many other things to get him to respond and he would not. We called 911 and he was taken to the hospital. a few minutes after arriving at the hospital he became alert as if nothing had happened. No one could tell us what happened. Have you found anything else out about your father and his episode which could possibly help us out? Any new information? Thanks in advance for your help and response.

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Hello @chuckcallahan and welcome to Mayo Connect,

How good of you to be inquiring on behalf of your friends. It sounds like he is having some serious problems with his Parkinson's (PD). I hope that @bethv will respond to your question and give you some insight from her father's experience..

How long has your friend been diagnosed with PD?

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