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Order online, completely legal. Or go to a local "head" or vaping store. I have done both. At almost 70 years old I wasn't brave enough to go into a head shop alone so took a girlfriend and we got a thrill and giggles over it. Very helpful staff. I am using Green Roads Isolate now but have used CBDistillery Full Spectrum also, both 1000mg and as mentioned must 4-5 drops daily of the 1000 are all I use. I prefer the taste of CBDistillery, a mild black pepper taste, herbal, the GreenRoads is extremely sweet. Also CBDistillery had drops easier to control but the childproof top was painful to open with arthritic wrists and took multiple tries. I replaced with a non-childproof dropper I found either at Walgreens or Amazon. GreenRoads has a new dropper syringe style. I looked online for you and the price of CBDistillery 1000mg Full Spectrum tincture is $60 for 15ml, but it lasted me about 6 weeks. GreenRoads prices have exploded. When I bought mine a month ago 30ml 1000mg was $129 sold at head shop, plus taxes. Internet site is $162! Wow. Read pros and cons about Full Spectrum versus Isolate. Personally I never noticed any of the trace THC in the Full Spectrum Tincture, which is .3% but would not recommend using Full Spectrum Tincture if person using will be drug tested, may show up. However study the difference, the Tincture also contains other elements with beneficial use and pain relief is one of them. But the Isolate also should help with pain.
Perhaps if looking for pain relief would up dose amount compared to what I use. Do buy the drops, as you utilize more when drops are placed under tongue for a minute as you need saliva to start to break it down, the stomach digestive juices won't do the same thing and you waste 75% of it. You can put in smoothies but then again the majority is not utilized and broken down. Don't try the powder chubs unless you want to use a bong and that held no interest for me.
I recommend studying. Load of info, I started with finding a site which explored the top 10 selling brands and rated according to taste, benefits and price.
I must admit I don't think I would pay GreenRoads new price and would return to using CBDistillery. Yet they have sales and promos for 1st time customers on line. A friend said she called direct and they helped her figure out the best deal.
I have read it takes about 3 weeks to notice the maximum benefit. It's not a miracle, but I think it improves the quality of my life. Also remember prices should tumble next year so don't stock up.

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Thank you I will look into this