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I've been using it now for 3 months. My purpose was to see if it helped with inflammation from my high histamine levels so itching would be betterr because of various form of eczema and testing for joint pain from arthritis. I wish I could give your daughter more incouragement about pain relief, and yet read what I have discovered as she may find she can befit.

1. Not sure about itching- I had a Grover's disease breakout for about 3 months before I began CBD on my torso, a rash which usually lasts at least 6 months and must admit this time the symptoms were less severe and it is now gone. Yet 2 months ago developed a new form of eczema Perioral, which now is pretty much gone. Yet, I can't come to any concrete conclusion on CBD benefits.
2. Joint Pain- This is also hard to quantify because at the same time my cardiologist took me off of NSAIDs because of high blood pressure. So now my joints hurt more than ever. If it helps it is certainly no substitute for pain meds.
3. Surprise benefit- I will continue to take because I am pleased with a surprise benefit, calmness. CBD oil definitely makes me take time out to smell the roses and stressing significantly less.Not worrying about taking a leisurely stroll through the garden and wasting my time instead of pulling weeds. Yes, I get to the weeding but not at the expense of losing my simple pleasures. I use the isolate, so no THC-psychoactive substance- yet I can see the real world outside myself and not have my health worries bog me down.

Dosing is confusing, I find 4 drops daily of the 1000mg pure isolate are plenty for me. Either 2 in the morning and 2 before bed or just 4 before bed.

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I am with you about feeling calmer with the CBD I use 750 free THC of 15 drops two x daily and it helps so much I guess that why I do not worry so much about the weeds I use to never let a weed get ahead of me. My oa is so much better along with my Cronic Fatitque