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@tjdog a lot probably depends on scheduling but can also depend on your health. She can call the social worker and ask if there's any thing she can do while waiting. I was able to get routine doctor appointments like mammogram, colonoscopy, flu shot etc done while I was waiting for my full, physical evaluation,
I signed up (for someone I found on social media!) through Mayo Breeze Rochester site. A social worker called the next day to do a phone interview and it seems like they mailed me a lengthy application the next week. About 2 weeks after that, they sent a box of lab work to be completed by my regular doctor. The blood work was to test as a match. We did not match but she had no antibodies that would reject my kidney. A week later, they called to schedule appointments for my evaluation. It took a week to hear back from scheduling after I let them know my availability. I realized later it took so long to schedule because they had to fit 23 appointments for me into 2 days.
After the evaluation, my case was presented to the donor board and 9 long days later, I got the call to schedule the surgery.
I didn't know at the time but the recipient was going to her regular appointments and they were also checking her health for a potential transplant. If she had any infection or her numbers were off, they may have had to postpone my evaluation until she was healthy enough for surgery.
From beginning (sign up) to end, (surgery) it took 3 months but part of that was because she had some problems in November and then I wanted to wait until after Christmas for surgery.
I hope you find out soon, the waiting and wondering is hard.

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Thank you for this. I’ve been in contact with my possible donor and we’re both very frustrated at how long this is taking. I’ll ask her to contact the social worker about the medical tests. I’ve already passed all of mine.