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Hi @nianyi – I'm another moderator of this group, working closely with @keggebraaten and @colleenyoung. So good to see you've been doing your research! I'm only somewhat familiar with txmultilisting.com…have you also spent time on srtr.org? From that site, you can pull data on the average time to transplant for all of the transplant centers across the country. You're correct that for the majority of kidney transplant patients at our Arizona campus the wait is ~2.25 years. But SRTR actually reports a shorter wait time at our Florida campus – we're seeing ~4.45 years. If you end up looking into SRTR, their reports also include outcomes, which is another important factor in your decision!

I want to confirm your other question about required consecutive time that patients and their support person need to commit to… are you referring to before transplant or after?

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@nianyi! Another question for you… re-reading your original post and I'm wondering: is your husband currently on the waiting list? If so, for how long? And is he on dialysis? If so, he may be closer to transplant than the stated averages above. Has he considered living donation? That could shorten his wait quite a bit!