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Hi @nianyi and welcome to the Transplants group on Connect. What great questions. I'm bringing @rosemarya @jolinda @cehunt57 and @mlmcg into this discussion to share their experiences with you. You may be interested in these related discussions too:

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In fact, the 3 discussion in the list above led to this blog article by Mayo Clinic experts that answers some of your questions
– Q&A for Out-of-State Patients https://connect.mayoclinic.org/page/transplant/newsfeed/qa-for-out-of-state-patients/

Nianyi, wouldn't Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida be closer for you? Or is there a family or personal reason you would choose Arizona over the other Mayo Clinic locations?

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Thanks, Colleen. I will review the links. First — not that it makes a big difference here — I meant to say my husband is blood type-B, not O. The reason we're looking at Mayo in Arizona is according to the data I've been looking at on the txmultilisting site (can't link it since I'm a new poster 🙁 ), the wait in Arizona is a little over two years, whereas Mayo in Jacksonville it's over seven. Moving to be near the facility isn't an option for us ahead of time, though we do realize we will need to be in the vicinity for a period of time post-discharge. Is there a bare minimum amount of consecutive time that patients and their support person need to commit to initially? I've contacted quite a number of facilities, and I've found this varies greatly — one said three weeks and another eight.