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Trying to get back to work

Caregivers | Last Active: Sep 14, 2018 | Replies (14)

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Congrats on your first day back @ihatediabetes Not as planned, but then as a caregiver that is probably pretty par for the course!

You are right that nobody told any caregiver what to expect! I like to say caregiving is the hardest job I ever had and it came with no employee manual, no rules, job description, etc.!

Hoping for a good day for you tomorrow!
Strength, courage, and peace

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Thanks it does seem like work is in an environment that is organized somehow. When I was raising my son he wandered off constantly and I was looking for him a lot. There really isn't much organization to that. But I still think that its working hard.

I finished my second day at work. I logged in for an eight hour day. It was easier because I knew how to get on the computer and start working. I didn't get home until after 8pm. My husband said he was proud of me. I left at 715am this morning. We have a little break room to eat and use our cell phones. We can't use our cell phones in the work area. I am going to try to line up a five week project after this project.