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Support for those waiting for transplants

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Yes you were comfortable and taking a good nap throughout the removal and transplantation of your kidneys. Anesthesiologists monitor your brain waves, heart function and lungs. After you go to sleep even your eyes are protected by taping them shut. After the transplant of the donated kidneys is complete clamps are released and the color slowly returns to the kidney and it begins it's job of producing urine. Hope this little bit of information helps. Have you ever considered being a volunteer for LiftGift? Sharing your story and helping those beginning theirs would certainly help a lot of people. If you want information let me know.

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@susanjc – I never even thought about this aspect of the surgery before. Thank you Jolinda for posing the question.
I had a simultaneous liver and kidney transplant (2 organs, 1 donor, 1 surgery). Before my surgery I had 1 last dialysis treatment, and was visited by my surgeon and by my anesthesiologist. I felt gratitude for their words of reassurance as they told me what they would be doing during the procedure. I remain thankful for the skill and the dedication of each and every member of my transplant team. My organs both began to work immediately, and I will always remember when one of my sons called out, in the recovery room, "Mom! Your're not yellow anymore!".

Thank you, Susan, for what you have shared here and for the lives that you have touched.

What led you to – or interested you in this area of medicine?

S –
Thanks for the great information!
I have continually talked to people over the years, sometimes even getting calls from people I don't even know to talk about all things transplant. I'm happy to share any info I can about my own journey so that others may find hope and comfort in my healthy outcome. My donor (Dawn) and I have given talks to groups and we will be speaking next month at the LifeSource Center in Minneapolis. Please send me a PM with more info on LifeGift and how I might be able to help spread hope.