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Jackie, Alumna Mentor (@travelgirl)

Painful Muscle Knots On Hip

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Good distinction between knots and cramping, @lioness

@travelgirl, you might want to try a foam roller on the area or even working out the knots with a tennis ball against the wall.

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That’s what I’ve tried and if it’s a nerve issue too it makes the problem worse for me. The skin burns and my two hands get numb and I’m sicker than anyone can imagine. I don’t know what else to try for pain behind my head neck back legs. Anyone another idea ? Thank you very much . God help all of us who suffer.

@marinelastef What all have you done for pain? What are your diagnosis? I have fibromyalgia L2fracture bulging disc and other problems with fibromyalgia its a guessing game as the Dr,s dont know what causes it .My fractured back is another big problem so Ive done alot of natural things beside pills which are,nt helping now .

Good point, @marinelastef. I had checked with my doctor about the pain I was experiencing before I started foam rolling. She confirmed that it was my IT band that needed massaging and recommended the foam roller. It hurt like heck, but eventually the fascia became more supple and the pain went away. I don't think I would've worked through the pain without knowing that it was the right thing to do under guidance from my doctor. I first wanted to confirm that it wasn't a nerve issue.

I’m glad you got some relief @colleenyoung , despite the fact that it hurts, if it’s a good hurt you are on the right path. Unfortunately, in my case was the nerve not the knot that can’t bear any rubbing or deep massage pressure. Still looking for other ways to deal with the pain. Thank you for sharing with us what might be good for others. God bless .

Im really sorry for what you have to go through @lioness . I feel your pain and suffering and I know how it’s like to not be able to find any relief. Keep looking, don’t give up, we are in this together. My problem started after a deviated septum surgery with turbines cleaned and cut, 2 left nostril blocks, 3 left occipital nerve blocks and left ear damaged. My left side is dying while the right is ok. I struggle 24/7 with severe pain, burning weakness numbness breathing walking problems and nothing I had done so far helps me. To the contrary, I think the blocks made my condition worse and unbearable, and no doctor wants to fix what went wrong. It’s horrible and unethical to leave someone agonizing and wasting away like this but so far I have no other choice. My hope is in upcoming pain rehab program I’m supposed to be in next week. If something good come out of it i will all let you know.
Best regards.

@marinelastef yes please do as the not knowing is frustrating . God bless you how horrible your problem sounds sometimes I wonder what the heck are Dr,s doing to us Its good your going to Mayo hopefully they can help you tell them what you told me or you may have already Our bodies are all tied together if one thing hurts it affects other parts of our body Good luck I,ll be praying for you. Linda