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Hi @mary505,
Welcome to Connect. I am happy to see that others have responded to your post and shared their health experience and suggestions. I can understand your fears about will it get worse. It's a normal reaction to an uncertain future. As a volunteer mentor with no medical training or background, myself and others can't offer medical advice. We can share our own personal experiences and treatments that have worked for us.

I agree with @sdemaria that if a surgeon said you needed surgery to fix it and you are worried it's going to get worse if you don't do something that helps, why not seek a second opinion for the surgery or from another neurologist. I don't think anyone likes or wants surgery but sometimes it is the last option on the table and it would be good to either rule it out or confirm that is what is needed.

I'm glad you shared your post on Connect and asked questions. It's one of the first steps in learning to be your own advocate. The more you know about your health, the better questions you ask your doctor which hopefully will help provide a better treatment plan.

Hoping you find some answers soon.


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Thank you, John