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Hello @kimmym

The suggestions made by @gingerw are all good ones. Another way to find a good counselor and/or psychiatrist would be to attend a NAMI support group meeting in your area. As you listen to others talk you might pick up some good information about counselors and/or psychiatrists that they are seeing. Here is the website for NAMI with a list of support groups throughout the country, https://www.nami.org/Local-NAMI/Programs?classkey=72e2fdaf-2755-404f-a8be-606d4de63fdb

Also, if you are part of a church or other faith community, you might talk to your pastor or other spiritual leader about referrals.

If you have any other thoughts/questions, please post them. I would enjoy hearing from you again.

Can you let me know how your search for a doctor goes?


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Thank you for your thoughts on ways to find the right care I need. I have felt for so long like I was just taking a stab in the dark when I would select a Dr. I will find a local NAMI group That's a great idea. Thanks for the website. Also, I had never considered calling my church about referrals, but that too is an awesome idea! Thank you. I'm getting started right away on this. I'll let you know how it goes! Thank you, again!