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Palpitations triggered by cocaine

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OMG...what a horror story! First of all, thank God you have learned your lesson, albeit the very hard way, not to do drugs and that you are not invincible. Drugs are dangerous and can mess people up for life...or kill them. It makes me wonder what was going on in your head to take you to that point where you would engage in such risky and suicidal behaviour. There has to be a reason that you feel that 'life' and living it in a healthy way is not good enough.
You have not mentioned anywhere that you have seen a doctor or been to the hospital...or spoken to your parents. You have pushed your heart to the edge and you are lucky to still be alive. Your heart needs to recover from this assault. You may need to be on a medication (possibly a beta blocker) to stabilize your heart and give it a chance to heal. You need tests. Never mind soccer, friends, school...STOP everything and get yourself to the hospital and be seen by a cardiologist....TODAY before it's too late.
You need to also see a psychologist to see why life is not good enough without drugs. Maybe now with this scare, you will learn to appreciate good health, the beauty of nature, living in a free society, the educational opportunities that you have in front of you etc.. A psychologist will help you get your head screwed on properly. Ask your parents to help you find a psychologist who specializes in dealing with teens suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. GOOD LUCK, Caden!

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We should be mindful that any recommendations are sound and helpful. Many young people (and older) experiment with drugs. It does not mean they are an addict. Sounds like some info and education is in order to explore. If the relationship with parents is strained , possibly a relative or someone close to the family could assist. I feel blessed that my adult kids feel comfortable talking with my friends about their issues or problems. As a parent it’s such a relieve knowing they will receive sound feedback from someone who has their best interests loved my parents deeply but sometimes I just didn’t want to hear them talk blah blah blah…
Seeking support from peers teachers coaches counselors can also be good to talk with
Sometimes we do things and wonder wtf and we never do it again. Sometimes it goes beyond experimentation It’s good to understand the potential consequences so whatever decision is made Important choices
See a cardiologist to determine the cause and be able to treat. Our mind can be more damaging than any illness.
Keep breathing