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Palpitations triggered by cocaine

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hi my names Caden, and i’m gonna throw myself under the bust for something i should never have done at my age, but i’m 16 and back in december (4 1/2 months ago) i was as doing cocaine with some friends, and i wasn’t addicted, although i did do it almost every other weekend, but it was only on that basis for about a month or 2, with some of those weekends me not doing it, but point is i was doing it often, infact i was doing other drugs in between which didn’t help the situation i might be in now, those drugs being MDMA, acid, mushrooms, ketamine, xanax, hydros, just occasionally smoking weed, and being addicted to nicotine. but anyhow, that night in december i was really stupid and told myself to just full send and plow through as much coke as i could cause i was told that it’s borderline impossible to overdose from powder cocaine, i mean i went through a lot, but i was just straight up doing enough to make me die, like i was being kinda smart with how much i was doing, but nevertheless the night obviously ended up with me thinking i was gonna have a heart attack and i got to this point where i was trying incredibly hard to keep myself from passing out, i was going in and out of being dizzy and it was just all bad, my chest was hurting and all i could hear was my heart going a million miles per hour, i made it through the night without passing out, i mean after my hour long death scare i fell asleep from just being tired, but later in the day after that happened, i started having random spurts if palpitations with my heart going crazy fast for no reason, i could be laying in bed or just be walking, and it would happen, and it would be like that for the next 2 months, slowly getting kinda better, and right now i’m in a boat that sucks, because it’s difficult for me to play sports without my chest hurting or me hearing my heart or feeling dizzy, and that’s taken a toll on my life cause i revolves around soccer, was on the varsity soccer team, had the biggest passion for it ever, and now my life’s fucked, i can’t play long amount at a time of soccer, i can’t run much endurance like, and even when i’m in my room i’ll just feel my chest kinda hurting or my heart beating, i can even feel/hear my pulse in my arms and hands slightly most of the time, i don’t really have palpitations anymore, but it’s almost like this permanent feeling and hearing of my heart, and slight to bad chest pain at times, really hoping i’ll get better and life turns around for me, one thing that situation has taught me was to never take things i can do in life for granted, cause to be unable to do them is the worst pain i have felt, i’ve obviously stopped doing all drugs since this situation to avoid any point of death, i occasionally drunk being around the influences i’m around, but that’s basically it. have you gotten and better @daxrrr ? just wanna know if i should keep my hopes up or not that this will get better

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@caden Hello Caden,

I am sorry to hear about your drug use and the health problems that have resulted. How frightening that must be!

You don't mention seeing a doctor, but you really must do so as soon as possible. It is important that you be evaluated for the possibility of heart damage. This heart damage could be temporary or permanent, but you need to find out. It also might be that the doctor can give you meds to help with some of your current symptoms. Since you are just 16 and involved in sports you need to be evaluated soon.

Please be honest with your parents and let them know that you need to see a physician. Will you do that?