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Hi @jodee I have also had problems with dehydration not due to my heart transplant nor my anti-rejection medications but due to the accident and being hit by the car but I will tell you what my doctor's told me after being hospitalized for severe dehydration in April they told me even if I am a big water drinker to drink juices and milk anything that contains water is a good thing to drink even tea and coffee is good yo drink in moderation I myself still am having problems with my kidneys due to the dehydration I suffered but juice and milk and most anything that contains water will be good for your husband and still keep encouraging him to drink water try lemon in his water or even a little mint try experimenting with different flavors in the water and see if he likes it I like cucumber and mint water ginger and lemon water and strawberry and kiwi or just plain fruit infused water myself those are some suggestions I have for you to try hope this helps you out

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@glinda thank you for the ideas! I just happen to have mint and cucumbers here. 🙂 I did put a slice of lemon in his water the other day, but didn't think to add ginger. Yum!

@jodee you are welcome always

Fresh ginger is best and use a small thing slice when yo do

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