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Writing to Your Donor's Family.

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@contentandwell @rosemary...for some reason I would want to know the recipient if I had to donate a loved ones organ. Maybe out of curiosity but also to know they are doing well and that it was what my loved one wanted.

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The confidentiality of both the donor and recipient are strictly adhered to.

My friend's granddaughter was killed in traffic accident some years ago. She shared with me that they received a letter from UNOS, or hospital or some official source, that told them which organs were used for transplant. I don't remember if she knew if the three organs went to boys or girls, or any information at all. So, her family knew that three children were blessed by her 'Little Angel'. She did get a letter from the family of the child who received granddaughter's heart.

@gaylea1 thanks for the input. When I sent the letter to the donor’s family, I did tell them about myself and how well I was doing. I really do get sad, moreso now than before I received their response, whenever I think of the grief they must feel.
I was glad to hear from them, but it hit me harder than I ever anticipated.

@rosemary Our correspondence goes through "New England Donor Services". I expect that different regions do have different organizations coordinating the correspondence, and that the guidelines are very much the same.
I would imagine that more organs are used from adult donors, there are fewer children needing organs.
It really is such a miracle that they are able to do this, how fortunate we are to be living in these times. I really do hope that the country, or more and more states, choose to make the decision on organ donation an "opt out" one. I just feel so certain that the majority of people who have not gotten listed do not because they just don't think it applies to them, or they don't through procrastination.
Another area where donors are needed is bone marrow. I understand that is a bit painful for the donor but worthwhile. I have friends who have signed up for that also.

@contentedandwell - yes, sure hoping the "opt out" idea is put in place, like we have heard it is in other countries. I have been listed as a donor on my driver's license for many decades. My husband has been also, and never thought he would be needing an organ. The advancements continue in organ transplant surgery, hooray!

@gingerw Hooray is right. When I was first listed, what I read made it sound as if live donors were at more risk than I have read they are now so hopefully that will encourage more people to be living donors also. Back then I even read that some insurance plans drop people if they have been an organ donor!