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I had taken Klonopin for several years and was brave enough to tell my PC physician about disturbing and dark thoughts. She prescribed Valium and I no longer had those disturbingly, dark thoughts. Everyone reacts differently to medications. Due to all of the drama over the use of controlled substances T
the PcCP can no longer prescribe a controlled substance. I have strong panic attacks and was only taking the Valium PRN. I now have ceased doing the things I was doing and avoid situations that trigger anxiety (i.e. PTSD). Is what it is…can't change it, can't fix it. At times anxiety is overwhelming.
Are we weak because of anxiety???? Are we weak when we, at times, need medication?
Needing medicinal aide must be a weakness. 🙁

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You present a difficult situation for many people. I certainly believe that we all need medications for various reasons. Somehow what is happening now by withholding meds does not seem appropriate or helpful for people.

Has anyone in this discussion group ever taken Buspirone (Buspar) for anxiety? It is not addictive, but it does work for anxiety. I have a friend who takes it for a bipolar disorder and it really settles her mood. Here is some information on it from WebMD, https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-8876/buspirone-oral/details

Of course, all meds have side effects as this one does, but it is not addictive which makes it a "safe" drug for prescribers.


Are you able to see a psychiatrist who could review your history and work with you to determine if you need to go back on an anti-anxiety medication? It sounds like you are perhaps suffering needlessly, and I for one do not think that we are weak if we need medication to help control depression or anxiety. There are also mental techniques / practices you might learn from cognitive behavioral therapy to help you get through those more difficult times and to make them a bit less severe. You certainly do not deserve to be in the situation you find yourself. Warm wishes. 🙂