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Body itching

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You have many health issues that overlap and in my case one autoimmune disease may begin that is unrelated. Keep an open mind and never assume anything based solely on your history. Think outside the box.

Have you been tested for Allergic Contact Dermatitis, ACD, a form of eczema? My itching was unbearable and what was confusing to doctors was the internal itching, burning and stinging inside my skin without rashes. I was unable to sleep as ones histamines are elevated during the evening, like you and others whose itching increases in the evening. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture and I would lay in bed at night planning the cleanest and least painful way to commit suicide. A new day just meant more misery. It's difficult to get others to understand a pain that they can't see.. After 5 Day Extended Patch test, (Goggle this test which gave me my life back) I learned I was severely allergic to 5 natural and chemical elements now in middle age but which my body tolerated for decades. I can never come in contact with these everyday contacts as the reaction is worse with each contact. True I also have had Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, CLL, for 15 years when my severe ACD began, but my eczema appears to be unrelated to my CLL. Yet if one has one autoimmune disease we are likely to get another. In spite of my contact eliminations which are thorough, I still need to get a Kenalog 40, a corticosteroid, shot annually because after about 10 months from being given the shot the internal random taser like stings and itching which radiates inside my skin slowly will start up again, even with all my contact elimination.

Dazlin like you are searching. my obsessive searching led to my discovery of the ACD 5 Day Extended Patch. Surprisingly no dermatologist had recommended it to me. Medicare paid for it. It is not the 30 minute office visit prick test for environmentals. If seeing a dermatologist or allergist check first that they are licensed to perform this test, test kit companies require additional education and licensing which not all doctors have completed. Since testing I have developed 2 new forms of eczema to add to my growing list of eczema types, each having different triggers and requiring different treatments and with symptoms that may be similar but with differences. All include itching and pain. Surprisingly I am in great shape today. Leading a productive and 98% pain or itch free life today. I know I will have issues in the future due to the chronic nature of eczema/dermatitis, yet now am prepared and am so glad I was as persistent as I was leading my doctors to help identify the names of my types of eczema and work toward a control program for me. It has taken me hours of my own time searching and multiple dermatologists and an allergist to give me all the answers I have been given. Proudly I can say I have learned much over the internet and I have helped them change treatments and figure out the correct name for my new types, since most doctors don't look further with eczema assuming it is the original form diagnosed.

When all hope dies, our spirit dies along with it. I would have sold my soul to the devil to get 15 minutes free of a pain; I know first hand the misery of 24/7 pain and was near the breaking point! I write this in hope that you can stay resolved to figure out your issues and no longer suffer.

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Maybe this is source of my chronic pain. Been to Neuroligist EMG tests. All good.
Feels like nerves tingling burning all over my body. I do get burnig hives. Etc I’m making this short.
Right now. I’m going to look for this testing. Had other allergy testing. Twice. One said I was highly allergic to everything. Another dr trsts showef only small reaction. These were the standard tests. Neither time was I using any Meds like antihistamine
I think mine is environmental issues. Like metal toxins etc.
so that’s what this tests looks for ??? Rubber etc. plastics. Lead. ???

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