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Body itching

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I've gotten these rashes before. I was seen at Mayo clinic. Had blood work, and biopsies done since 2014. I usually see my dermatologist once a year, or longer if I can. So this time it's mainly on my back. Large red itchy patch over both kidney areas, red bumps on entire back stomach, and chest. Looks like measles?? Few on my arms and legs. Strangely, the arches, and ankles of my feet go wildly itchy during the night too. I called mayo, but they said my dr retired, and pushed me off until November , with a new dr who recently came on board . I went to my local physician, and only was able to see a nurse (they said dr booked up).
After looking at me, dr came in for a quick peek. They dont know what's causing it. They put on Hydroxyzine 3x day, said continue all my home care, cortisone prescription cream, baths etc. Nothing helps. The medicine does knock me out, but I wake up needing to push up my next dose. I'm miserably itchy and exhausted. The bumps burn a bit, and I have chills. No fever. Getting depressed. Been severe for over 2 weeks. Going on 3 weeks now. I need to see a dr at mayo clinic ASAP…they have all my records and I am an MGUS patient in oncology. I called them too…they said it's not related, to see the dermatologist. I cannot wait till November. I'm wondering if mayo in Florida has an E.R…maybe go there??

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Hello @dazlin, I'm sorry to hear you are still battling with the severe itching. I'm sure it's really frustrating not being able to get to the bottom of what is causing it. I would try calling Mayo Clinic again to see if you can make an appointment. Here is the contact information for the Jacksonville Campus:


Are you able to ask your local doctor to give you a referral to Mayo Clinic Jacksonville?


@johnbishop …I'm already a patient at mayo. I'll probably call again, and also call my local dr again. He gave me hydroxyzine, but it doesn't help unless I double dose. Knocks me out, but I don't care at this point. Thanks for info…I already have it all, since I'm patient there since 2013.

Have you had time to research Grover's Disease or Transient Acantholytic Dermatosis, a torso specific rash (rare cases migrating to arms and legs). Few derms can recognize as it is less common and incorrectly treat it as Contact or Allergic Contact Dermatitis. My first outbreak lasted 1 year, this is normal, subsequent ones not as long lasting. I also had a biopsy done for it, but success of biopsy is based on a short window, must be in the active break out stage, mine had been broken out for 5 months already and was negative. Derm and I still have no doubt it is GD/TAD as I have all the other criteria in my history, exception being that more males get this than women.

Just try to help that appear like my grown up daughter they you desribe but end up to be scabies but try to see a dr but hardly you find a dr know about that

Have them check your tryptase levels and do biopsy of your skin where rash is the worst. Allergist and Dermotologist would be best for all this. Check Mast Cell diseases. I have been going thru this constant for 3 years now ever since knee replacement. Turned out I was allergic to replacement and had revision but still having issues. Pain, itching and rash constantly getting worse. Turned out my tryptase is high and had biopsy and I have Mastocytosis. I see the doctor for that Wednesday to figure out which one. Prayers for answers and to feel better! I know what you are going thru!

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