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I don't want you to think no one is listening… just when you do not have the exact same problems as the person posting it can be hard to know what to say.

I have no motility of my esophagus. Most times I swallow and there is a spasm at the back of my throat and my food then drops down my esophagus to above my stomach. Then there can be another spasm. Sometimes it locks the sphincter and my food stacks in my esophagus until it decides to open.. food and water will not go down nor up.. and it is miserable.

I had to have a gastric bypass to fix my giant sliding hernia. I had to go to the Mayo Clinic (I went to Jacksonville) to have the hernia fixed because the mess a local surgeon made of a Nissen fundoplication. It sounds like you need a gastroenterologist .. and perhaps a surgeon… that has more experience with your conditions.


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Thank you. I will look into a GI with experience.