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@rpg A powerful post. Thank you seems inadequate here, and I really am sure it has meant a lot to many, me included. I am a person who has adult-diagnosed Asperger's Syndrome, so technically I am on the autism spectrum. My anxiety and non mainstream ways of dealing with everyday things is something my husband struggles with, and his emotional and verbal abuse to me is something he doesn't see as unacceptable.
Thank you for allowing me to see your side, and like you, I wish all of us a peaceful journey in 2020.

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Yeah. I think they and I struggle with the daily normal things even though we don't mean to be. It's out of love ALWAYS I promise. I just think that him, my husband, and you suffering is another way we have to deal with certain situations. Even taking the trash out or running to the store for me atleast several times a day. Simple things that to myself seem so minimal but to people with pain it's like climbimg a mountain. Another wards if you hear your spouse huff under his breath or rolls his eyes it's not u. He's retaliating at the fact that you are in pain and can't do it yourself which we all want to do it ourselves. and him knowing that he knows that you wish you could. I hope I got the situation straight on who's in pain. But I hope you get the just.