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PKD kidneys removed at time of transplant

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@kayb, @jolinda, @lisalucier and @rosemarya it has been a month since @lisalucier referred me in regard to living donors. I’m sorry it took me so long to respond. I’m cleaning up my emails and posts in preparation for the system change 10/1/18. I don’t know much about PKD. My stage IV CKD is from diabetes. I’ve been looking for a living kidney donor for about 2 years now. I am on the UNOS waiting list. I just got home from my annual Mayo vacation for pretransplant review. I’ve had some improvement in kidney function and am now too healthy for kidney transplant at this time. My list status has been changed to inactive. This is a good problem to have because I still haven’t found a living donor! I’m a person of faith and am trying to be patient for this journey to unfold in the right way and time that is in keeping with God’s plan for me.

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I have missed your presence here, and I am happy to hear good news that your kidneys are benefiting from your dedication to taking care of them. This sounds like a winning situation for you – more time for God's plan to unfold around you and more time for your donor to step forward.
"There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for everything under the heavens," Eccl 3:1

@cehunt57 Good for you that you are taking such great care of yourself. Having more time will certainly help you as you continue your search for a living donor. I can completely relate to how difficult it is being patient as you wait, I struggled with that. I would suggest praying for your donor, he or she is out there somewhere praying to find you! Best of luck and thanks for the update.