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PKD kidneys removed at time of transplant

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Hello, @kayb. Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. That's great to hear you are in the process of making Mayo Clinic's campus in AZ your primary transplant place. Nice that the surgical procedure will be way less traumatic for your body.

In addition to @jolinda, I thought you might like to meet @cehunt57 and @mlmcg who have talked about live donor kidney transplant. Hoping they can share some of their experiences in themselves or loved ones with you and help support you in this process. I'd also like to introduce you to @rosemarya.

While waiting for others to join in, thought you might be interested in this Mayo Clinic information on living-donor transplantation, https://www.mayoclinic.org/departments-centers/transplant-center/living-donor-transplantation/gnc-20203911.

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I am sorry that I did not have a live donor. However, my brother did, but we lived in two different states and had little contact so I can only give the information of my experience about my transplant. I have been the caregiver for my kidney over 10 years now. Being a good caregiver after you receive a kidney, liver, heart or a lung is the best thing you can do for your new friend. You may have to change some of the things you did before the transplant, to keep your new body happy. Read all the information you can, ask lots of questions, keep all doctor appointments and lab appointments, forever. If this is your first surgery it can be scary, but do not be afraid you will be well taken care of. Once you can have solid food you will know you have made it. Good luck.