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Multiple Myeloma

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1nan.....I re-read your response this morning. So, I see that your doctor told you to sit on it for awhile also. My question. Why are doctors not going in and digging out the cancer before it spreads. I know MM is a blood disease. I have heard of total blood transfusions. Do they work? So if it took you 14 years, then I will probably have that on my death certificate or it still won;t show up in the end. I am 76.

After years of being treated for RA, I am led to believe that I do not have RA. I have had the symptoms of MM for years. Evidently, it never grew but just gave me symptoms of RA. Fortunately, my doctor ran a blood test and this showed up.

May I ask what your percentage was when they first found it? This is all too much. I see my RA doctor in about a week. I will ask her the same questions. I was thinking of making a trip to Mayo for their suggestions. Do you have any idea if Mayo as a website of information on MM?

Thank you for your help. I will go on living and resting when I get tired. I will say my walking has gotten much better. After my passing out and falling, I had three weeks in the hospital. They still do not know what caused me to faint. Imagine in 2018, we can't get proper diagnosis of several diseases. What is happening to the Medicine? I am also questioning my present doctors who are at the University of Texas. They are a teaching school. I believe I will start looking outside of the University for my medical doctors. I just recently was told by a new neighbor that his girlfriends mother was ill. She was placed at the University of Texas hospital. A needle was not placed correctly in her arm and she was not receiving the meds or pains meds. She is in Intensive care now. That make me think about my choice of medical care. I will share this story with my RA doctor.

My son nearly died due to a mis-diagnosis. They told him had two months to live. Surgeons open his skull only to find there was no sign of Cancer. They closed him up and sent him home. Within a week, he had a grand Mall Seizure. He is in his early 30's. He does not trust doctors PERIOD. I wonder why. The doctor who diagnoses his non existent cancer was a University doctor. Interesting but it angers me.

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I replied to Oregon by mistake. We just got a diagnosis of multiple myeloma today. I would love to talk by phone.