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Thank you for this thread! I was diagnosed with MGUS last Nov 2017, and right now my values are at 5%. I was blessed that my nephrologist saw unusual results that prompted more testing. You see, I also have a very rare kidney disease, and that has been foremost in my mind for over 3 years. At age 66, I want a lot more years to do what has been set out for me. So, I get my blood work done every 3 months, follow a good renal diet, and try to be of service everyday.

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My values are 1 percent. I am stage 3 kidney disease which I have been told by one Dr that my kidneys are fine. If you were at 1 percent would you agree to wait for 1 yr to treat? Dud your values go down after treatment?

There was another test recommended by test results. Oncologist did not do extra text. I wonder why? I am 76.

And the answer is one question away, whenever you are ready to ask. Sometimes it is helpful to gather information in small doses, and connect it with what else you have learned.

Oregongirl, each person is different. My oncologist is a gem, and highly respected in her community. I trust what she tells me. I have gone through the bone marrow biopsy, CAT scan, and all the special bloodwork. One the last appt she told me she was going to try me at 6 months between appts. My kidney disease is stage 3b [in low 30s]. I watch my diet, stress levels, and have learned to forgive myself for the reduced energy levels. At this time not on dialysis. My oncologist and nephrologist work well together. I recently moved, and now I drive 100 miles each way to see them! You need to know the reason for your kidney disease; top two are high blood pressure and diabetes.