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Multiple Myeloma

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I too trust in the Lord. Truly when I retired I was called to work with Casa. I loved it. When my sweet husband died having Casa kept me alive. When they find this and it is not time to treat it why is it there. I always thought treating something when it's not full blast grown is better. Thank God for my RA doctor. She was so concerned but kept her cool. I am 76. Waiting even a year is ok. But I WD rather spend my 80 and 90 healthy. Oh good Lord who am I fooling..who wants to be around at that age. Some do well however. I have a solid mind Thank The Lord.

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Hi again. I love seeing your sense of humor come through! We all need that for enjoying life in general. I just turned 77, so we are in the same ball park if that helps you at all. If treated when I was younger, those 14 years earlier, treatments didn't offer the life expectancy that is possible today with the newer treatments. There has been research done regarding treatment before full blown MM exists. It was explained to me that there was less risk waiting than having treatment before significant disease progression. Again, your doctors can explain all that to you. Keep thinking. You are doing good!

1nan, I am so grateful for your words. You are correct. My mother died from Colon Cancer.. No treatment except removal and Cancer
drugs. She refused and lived to 71. She was in good spirits and you would not have known she was dying. She is my pattern for how to die. My father, whom I cherished to the end, struggled his last years. But he lives to a very old age. I believe it was about 90.