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I was diagnosed with dcis in stiu with suspected microinvasion on June 18th. Waiting on genetic results before surgical plan. Did u have any pain in the lymph nodes?

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No I had no sign of it invading my sentinal lymph nodes. What does your oncologist suggest for your surgical and treatment plan? I'm so sorry to hear of your diagnosis!! I will keep you n my thoughts and prayers .

Lumpectomy and radiation if genetic testing comes back negative. If positive bilateral masectomy. Will also biopsy lymph nodes. I have not heard of anyone else with the microinvasion. How long from your diagnosis to surgery. My biopsy was horrible they hit a blood vessel and i got a huge hematobia.

2 weeks from my diagnoses to surgery . From what I understand, if I'm clear everywhere else, I'll have radiation and the chemo pill for 5 years with scans every 3 months . The anxiety of waiting on the scan results is a nightmare !! And yes the biopsy was horrible for me as well. I had the same thing happen. To be honest the bruising from the biopsy looked worse than the bruising from the mastectomy!!

And I'm like you , I've not heard of microinvasion in anyone else . We must be super special lol ugh . And there is very little info available due to the small percent of women diagnosed with it.

I was diagnosed left side DCIS stage zero, then bi-lateral mastectomy & lymphnode dysection found 1mm invasive, HER-2+, so off to chemo which started July 17th.

I'm sorry to hear of your diagnoses @mmcleod1.  May I ask who recommended chemo? My medical oncologist recommended chemo pill after radiation. They were not able to find the receptors of my microinvasive tumors . 

Hello! Welcome- @mmcleod1. Thank you for posting.

How are you feeling so far? and how long is treatment to last?