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Rotator cuff surgery

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The pool was, and still is, my favorite! Everything just feels so much better in the pool, and it feels like the arm moves so much more in water.

I actually had to advocate for a more intense PT routine. I ended up getting referred to sports medicine and worked with a shoulder specialist who helps rehab athletes. Once I got to that 10 week mark, my PT and I really kicked it in to high gear. The advantage of working with the sports medicine therapist, was that we came up with an individualized plan that really focused on strengthening the small fiber muscles first. I am still nowhere near to recovered, but I finally feel like I am progressing.

It's difficult because we are all so different and heal so differently. My surgeon and PT both mentioned that pain is definitely part of it. They both said that there will be pain likely for a minimum of a year, but that it will slowly get better as the joint strengthens. What they did mention was that intense, sharp pain that is higher than a level 8 or so means I am pushing it too hard and too far. Basically, listen to your own body. But they did tell me I would have to push through some pain. A few weeks ago I had actually requested an appointment again because my shoulder blade area kept having weird pains that were mild but it made my whole arm feel weak when they happened. Again, they said it was all normal and part of the process and to really just watch out for that high level pain.

Definitely advocate for yourself when it comes to PT. I have finally learned that you have to stay aggressive, but do so in a way that is smart. I was told there is standard protocol for most shoulder surgeries, but I had to advocate for myself to get it customized in a way that worked for me. In my case, I needed it to be a bit more aggressive, whereas you may have been put in the opposite situation. Let us know what you find out and how your land PT goes.

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I went to land therapy last Wednesday. The range of motion was much better. My PT said that with the ROM that I had, there was no way I had a frozen shoulder. I was able to do all my exercises and have been doing them at home. At home, I have been busier than normal and using the shoulder, like I was told. I move it as much as I can, but can't lift over 5 pounds. Since my land PT, I have been in a lot of pain. I have tried everything I know to control it. I am taking my ibuprofen and tylenol, icing it, and using biofreeze. Finally, Saturday, as I was laying in bed afraid to move it anymore, I went ahead a took a pain pill. That pill was enough to calm my arm down and allow me to be more comfortable and to get my mind off the pain,