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Rotator cuff surgery

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Hello @goldminer1945, welcome to Connect. This post hits a little close to home for me as I just had my rotator anchored on June 17th. I am still a few weeks away from the beginning of my therapy and must admit I am bit intimidated. I was only supposed to a have a small procedure and then they found that my rotator had a partial tear, which was a surprise to both of us.

I'd like to invite @robseverson and @inpaininmi to this discussion as they previously discussed rotator cuff surgeries.

@goldminer1945, if you feel comfortable sharing, did you have full or partial tears and how long did you have to wait before you started therapy?

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I had 4 anchors put in. Went to therapy the 3rd day. lasted 6 weeks. The pain was so much at the end of the 6th week ,I called the Dr. He did another surgery On Dec. First was Sept. He put the anchor back in. But after 5 weeks of therapy I couldn't raise my left arm up over my head. Feels like a tendon or ligament is separated. Going back in a couple weeks to talk to Dr.

I'd like to invite @inpaininmi back to Connect and hope that they return because they discussed the very same issue. I am sorry you are having these issues because I can imagine your frustration and concern as I am about to embark on the same PT journey soon. Even though this isn't quite the same situation, there are a lot of members discussing shoulder issues in this discussion as well that may be worth your time to check out while we wait for others with your similar situation, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/shoulder-replacement-surgery-1/.

What did your therapist say about the inability to raise your arm?

They said it would get better with time and excerise

Hi Justin,
I am trying to not have a rotator cuff surgery. I have two smal tears. Had injections for now and feels a little better.
What is an anchor mean?
Sounds intimidating for sure now !
Thank you