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Hello. I'm sorry to hear about the problems you had after your teeth were extracted. I can not give you an answer to your question but I can tell you that I have cardiac symptoms (shortness of breath, fatigue, fluid retention) which remain a mystery to my doctors. The symptoms are always much worse after any type of dental procedure……even just a cleaning. My doctors can not explain this. I do know that large amounts of bacteria are released into the blood stream during any type of dental procedure. These bacteria can cause a blood infection (septicemia) which is very serious. These bacteria also seem to attach to tissue in the body that is not healthy. Maybe you had an underlying heart issue prior to the teeth extractions. Many people have to be pre-medicated with antibiotics prior to dental procedures if they have conditions that make them susceptible to infections such as mechanical heart valve, diseased valve, joint replacements, etc. It's good that you are with the Mayo clinic. Possibly your local doctor can get you seen sooner if he calls them directly? Have you tried the other Mayo Clinic locations? Also, have they told you what your ejection fraction is? An echocardiagram estimates this measurement which tells you the strength of the hearts ability to pump blood to the rest of the body. Generally a value of greater than 50% is considered normal.

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Dental issues can lead to Cardiac problems.Exact reason is not known.I had heart attack at 58.Suffered many dental issues in child hood and then even in last 10 years before heart attack.Best is to take care of Dental problems right now for kids .Minimum Sugar is good for teeth and heart also.

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