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Thyroid hormones levels

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AFIB Feb 2015, low tsh number, scan revealed thyroid nodules used medication until 7/2016 when I had a RAI I-131 procedure, TSH stabilized to approximately the 2 range, in Feb 2018 I had hair loss, now totally bald. Increased the Levothyroxine to 175 and the TSH sensitive dropped to .02,
returning to 100 MCG, my Dr doubts that the hair loss is related to thyroid treatment due the the TSH number being in the correct range before the loss.
I have an appointment Sept 4 with dermatology in regard to Alopecia, does it seem like I am going down the right road

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Hi, @dave10, and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect.

I've merged your post with this discussion on thyroid and hormone levels so that you can meet others like @hopeful33250 @praboh @gman007 and @contentandwell who are discussing similar topics. @2011panc @kdubois may also have some thoughts. Hoping these members will share some of their experiences with hormone levels and their thoughts on the low TSH levels, thyroid nodules and hair loss you've experienced.

You mentioned having a dermatology appointment scheduled related to the hair loss. Wanted to clarify that when you ask if you are going down the right road, you are meaning seeing dermatology as a next step and whether that seems like the best next course of action?

@dave10 I am glad you have come here for input on your condition. I have been on levothyroxine for over 20 years. My thyroid condition was diagnosed from lab tests. My dose was increased a few years ago when my level dropped below the normal range. I have not had any procedures associated with my thyroid.
I have multiple health issues, so my symptoms can often be associated with a number of condition. I do have hair loss. My hair has thinned significantly and after consideration of my entire profile, I believe it is mostly due to an extended episode of malnutrition.
To answer your question, I do not know if you are headed in the right direction but it makes sense to me to check with a specialist knowledgeable about alopecia. Good Luck.

yes, checking on alopecia, due to my endo dr believing it is not thyroid related

Hi, @2011panc - you mentioned you'd had some hair loss that you believe is mostly due to episodes of malnutrition. I realize the origin may be different than what @dave10 mentioned, but curious what your doctor has suggested to counteract the hair thinning?

@praboh - also thinking of you, and wondering how it's going with the levothyroxine tablets and whether you've now had the further tests your doctor recommended?

@lisalucier I have not addressed thinning hair with any of my physicians. I am sure it is partly genetic, as my father was lost a great deal of hair before he died and my mother also has very thin hair.