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@astaingegerdm I have been treated with oral Diflucan before but it was 3 doses max. It just wasn't enough. Have you gone through the anti fungal IV treatment? I feel as though it sounds more powerful and effective?

I have been gluten free since 2016 when i was diagnosed with celiac disease via bloodwork. I have also been dairy free since 2018 when i was told i have a severe casein allergy. So I eat a pretty clean diet, although my love for wine doesn't help the candida issue.

What type of doctor did you go to for treatment of your autoimmune illnesses and candida?

@amandaburnett if you could explain how I can find a team of specialists that would be amazing. I am looking into an integrative practice in Washington DC right now that utilizes IV therapy for autoimmune and candida treatments. They just aren't covered by insurance and it will be very hard to make it work. Any help would be appreciated. I feel like I'm functioning at 30% and its awful.

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A few years ago I was having several sinus infections and was told by the ENT docs that surgery was necessary, then I went to an Integrative Clinic (real docs) and was told it was no doubt a fungal infection and to avoid sugar and yeast containing foods as these "feed" fungal infections and was also given a homeopathic for fungal treatment. Within a short time I was feeling great, then eventually went on a gluten free diet and still do that. That was probably 10 years ago. Perhaps if you can do away with the sugar and yeast foods and see what happens? Best of health~~Baz