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Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma- Watch & Wait Approach

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I have a rare form of Hodgkins lymphoma which was treated as if it was a Non-Hodgkins form 2 years ago. My only treatment was the immunotherapy drug called Rituximab (which is the 'R' in the chemo treatment called R-CHOP). Although there is no cure for the type of lymphoma I have, I could live a long time with this. The treatment reduced the size of the lymph nodes by 50%. Some were as large and slightly larger than golf balls and should be the size of a pea. It took me about one year following my last infusion to not allow the cancer to control my life. Yoga has helped this. I continue to do what I like to do and am more conscious about my eating. Exercise is important to maintain strength and for the mental benefits. Choose an exercise plan you enjoy. As far as the 'watch & wait', you certainly do not want chemo treatments unless absolutely necessary. Your body can handle a limited amount and type of these drugs. If you have not gotten multiple opinions from doctors at top institutions, I would suggest that you seek at least 3 opinions to make sure all lymphoma teams agree with the one you are currently using. Best of luck to you and continue to enjoy life without allowing the cancer to control your life! As I said, this was not so simple for me to do for more than a year, but it has changed what I now do on a daily basis!

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Hi – is the rare for of Hodgkin lymphocyte predominant by chance?