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Back again! In 2 weeks gping to have cardio version (electric paddles) shock for my A Fib.. Anyone go through something like this? Also dealing with E-D with the Metropolo drugs..
Anyone have ideas .. Thanks everyone

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Hi Fred. I’ve had 3 cardio versions. The first one lasted for 9 months! The other two just a month or two. Now I’m on metoprolol and Cardizem to keep the Afib rate low. Good luck with the cardio version. I thought it was a piece of cake except for the burns. A little hand cream and all was good.

@bjanderson I'm glad you can take Cardiazam before my by pass surgery the Dr put me on it I had weird nightmare every time I closed my eyes

So far so good!

Fred, I had the Cardio Version about a month ago it was successful on the first try, however went back in AFIB before the next Drs appt trying to decide on the next step, of taking a heart Rhythm drug before another Cardio Version. Harold

I’m so sorry that you are having all of these issues. I can relate to the cardioversions. I had AFIB for about a year. Couldn’t have a cardioversion for several months because of a blood clot on my heart. Was put on Eliquis & the clot dissolved. Had several cardioversions, but they all failed. Had the heart ablation about a month ago. It went well & heart stayed in rhythm for about 1 1/2 days then went back into AFIB. Starting taking 200 mg of Amiodarone twice daily, along with 5 mg Eliquis twice a day for 21 days. Went back about a month ago for cardioversion. This time it was successful & ive been doing well since. I’m on 200 mg Amiodarone once. A day and a 5 mg Eliquis twice a day. I’m 69.
I pray 🙏your next cardioversion works for you, but if does not, don’t give up. God bless.

I had electro cardio version twice but my Afib came back within a day. It did nit work.