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Hi, Fred (@fred66). Welcome to Mayo Connect. I came across your message a few minutes ago and thought I might be helpful in rounding up some members to talk with you about your A-fib. I was diagnosed with it three years ago, but I must confess that I have few, if any, symptoms. My only evidence (until this week) was in my annual electrocardiograms (EKG). In the last few days, my heart rate has slowed from the mid-60s to the mid-40s, so I'm getting an appointment with my primary care physician to run another EKG and see whether there's something we should be adding to my medical care.

We can elicit more discussion of your situation if you could share some additional information, and of course, you should feel free to tell us only what you want Connect members to know. Consider these questions:

When was your A-fib diagnosed? Was the doctor a specialist or a general practitioner? What kind of symptoms are you having? How soon would you like to have another appointment rather than waiting 3 months? Do you have access to other doctors who might give you a second opinion? How about access to an advanced cardiac program such as at a university medical center?

I have to run off to my own medical clinic for some lab tests this afternoon in advance of an appointment next week with my primary care physician (PCP), so I'll check back with you here in a couple of hours, and we can chart a path forward with you. Once again, welcome board. Martin

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Thanks Martin…
I'm 56 i have like sweating attacks anxiety at times…a little short of breath at times.. I had an heart ultrasound recently.. one side of heart slightly enlarged.. I guess I would like to know if I should just go to hospital or wait my turn to see cardiologist…
Thanks for the feedback

Hi, Fred. Finally got back from the doctor's office; my blood test was good — recovery to good coagulation was documented! Glad to know a bit more about your situation and what worries you.

I share enlarged heart with you, even the thickening of the heart muscle on the side, which is better than on the point. I hope that yours, like mine, doesn't even warrant an EF test — a measurement of the "ejection fraction" of the amount of blood that is pumped out of your heart every second or so. For me, a trip to the hospital (especially the emergency room) has not seemed necessary despite sweating, anxiety, and shortness of breath. Your anxiety prompts me to ask what you can pass along about your medication. Some common meds trigger anxieties, but anxieties also are a normal reaction when an organ puts out some strange movements or pain.

It would be good idea to have a talk with your cardiologist about your symptoms and, in particular, what symptoms might be risky enough to warrant a trip to the hospital. I hope you can call the cardiologist and have a brief discussion on these points, but if not, I hope you can find another physician or medical care organization to check you out.

Here at Mayo Connect, we're not equipped to give specific medical advice, because we're patients with some experience but neither trained medical experts nor able to imagine your problems without direct examination. Can we help you find a path to a medical team that would ease your concerns and give you a good picture of your status? Martin

@fred66 I am a retired nurse and agree with katem if your concerned about your heart knowing what you do Id go to urgent care they will see you quicker then E.R.Anxiety and stress by cause alot of problems.

Glad you had a good visit with you Dr.
I appreciate your knowledge about all this and it helps alot… I'll See how things go . I am curious about the treatment for this.. it seems that there isn't any treatment in some cases.. thanks Martin