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Getting off of Seroquel

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Hey @chrisjc I have not commented lately but have been following your updates. I'm so glad you are figuring out your meds and feeling better. I also take Klonopin (the generic–clonazepam), and I would be lost without it. I usually take 1 MG at night and 1/2 MG in the morning because it tends to make me sleepy, and I don't need any help feeling sleepy! If mid-day several hours after morning dose I am struggling, I add the other 1/2 MG. I can take up to 2 mg per day, but I try to take less if possible. Have you tried Cymbalta or has your doc mentioned it. Honestly, it does make some people a bit wonky, but not all, and it helps a lot for me with pain and anxiety in addition to depression. I don't want to put an idea in your head that will put you through more withdrawals because I went cold turkey off Cymbalta–was fine for two days and then major pain and anxiety attack. Sometimes we don't realize how much meds are helping us until we go off them, and my doc told me no way should I go off Cymbalta without adding another antidepressant and tapering. Take care!

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Agreed, this is not the first time Klonopin has saved my life. Another day of feeling normal again. Went places, got work done, socialized a bit. Felt fine except for one minor episode of feeling overheated, but I was feeling stressed over something.. Ate very well today, three big meals. Took 0.25 this morning and then 0.5 tonight. It takes the edge off so I'm not dry heaving and trembling and feels sorta relaxing but not stoned.

In hindsight I wish I would have known the old symptoms would be returning after stopping the Seroquel, but that's ok. I was very suspicious when my days were fine but nights ruined due to panic attack.

Have not tried cymbalta. I'm on paxil and it's been working well. I will be seeing my doctor next week and will suggest buspar. There's a risk of serotonin syndrome but I've asked and like 50 people chimed in saying they have the same arrangement and it works. One of my previous doctors also suggested it but I never followed up.

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