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Pulsatile tinnitus

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I have been dealing with pulsatile tinnitus in my right ear for about a year. After going to my primary, then an ENT, I finally ended up at a neurosurgeon. I had an MRI first which showed narrowing of a vein close to my ear. The neurosurgeon then performed a cerebral angiography and venography. Finally diagnosed with Dural AV Fistula. This is all pretty recent, so good times. I now have to have some kind of procedure where surgeon will block some vessels in my brain to prevent the turbulent blood flow which is causing me to hear blood swooshing in my ear. My point is there always seems to be a cause for this, so don’t give up!

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Did your scans show the fistula and what were your symptoms besides the whooshing, I’m waiting to see the NIR for next steps on cerebral angiogram, they found some mild stenosis of the left transverse sinus but not sure what that’s is

I had the cerebral angiogram but no venogram , I’m wondering why they did a venogram on you? I was told that the venogram is to check to vein pressure so I didn’t do it

I have this same thing. In my right ear, swooshing! If I hold around my ear i can’t hear it. An that’s what I do at nite, going to bed. I I have had many years now. They all have said the same thing, that it’s Tinnitus. I have gone to several ENTs an tests. They say just live with it. I have not gone to a neurosurgeon. I’m glad I read your note here. Gives me an idea to look at.Thank you.