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CBD oil for Neuropathy

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My original questions is this CBD oil actually providing any relief of the tingling etc. Is there a particular brand better then another.
I see many commercial products coming on claiming to be better than the other.
Anyone using a specific brand and its total over all effect. Is this used eternally or is taken internally?

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I only get from a medical marijuana dispensary to ensure pure ingredients. Because it's not regulated by the FDA any company can claim whatever they like as well as put whatever ingredients they want into it. Everyone seems to be jumping on the CBD bandwagon which transfers to lots of counterfeit concoctions that a.b.c store might try to sell. I can't stress enough, "Buyer Beware".

The people who work the dispensary in your state will
Know what you can try of what strains they have on hand . Mine has rick Simpson / RSO oil and it works well for helping me sleep and get comfortable

Hi yes I have been using CBD/THC balm at night for my hands and feet. The brand is called Dragon Fire, here in Washington state. It is 175mg of CBD and 175mg of THC. A friend gave it to me to try on my spinal stenosis. That didn’t relieve the pain, but has been great for the numbing and burning from neuropathy. Hope this helps

CBD oil to helps me avoid the need for stronger pain medication plantar fasciitis and severe neuropathy in my toes to knees, and my fingers when used with Lyrica and tramadol. CBD also helps me deal with the feeling of numbness. It does not help with the intense burning. That is when Mitchell's Ointment 800mg/oz. comes in. Mitchell's calms it almost instantly and lasts up to 8 hours. I have tried some brands that have ingredients that make it more painful, but many help.

I had a medical marijuana card (legal in IL) to buy CBD/THC balm for my feet and ankles. Since my toes are numb, I avoid them but use freely elsewhere. The combo of THC and CBD offers a few hours of relief from the pain and shooting stabs . It’s fairly greasy so I wear socks, put up my feet and enjoy the sensation of pain free feet for hours. And no high, so major plus.