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Donna N (@donnan)

Looking for other pancreas only transplant recipients

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@gman007, I want to invite you to post your concern about your nausea and chronic pancreatitis here.
@donnan, @cehunt57 , @2011panc, I want to invite you to meet my friend, Gary. He is not a transplant patient, but I wonder if you might have something from your pancreas experiences that might be helpful.

Gary, You are welcome to take the microphone !

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Replies to "@gman007, I want to invite you to post your concern about your nausea and chronic pancreatitis..."

Although I'm not a pancreas transplant, I have had many years of pancreatitis. I've been blessed that it has subsided. It all started when my gallbladder went bad, at the same time my pancreas troubles started. After many stays at weeks at a time in the hospital and stents placed and removed my pancreas has since settled down. Currently I'm working on a kidney transplant due to PKD.

Not sure if I can be helpful. I was a brittle type 1 diabetic for almost 51 years. Had pancreas transplant almost 2 years ago. Please ask any questions and I will try to be helpful. @donnan

@rosemarya, Thank you for the intro. I am pasting what I posted in endocrinology group: I was dx'ed with chronic pancreatitis about a dozen years ago. I am very familiar with all of the attending symptoms, but one seems to have gotten much worse of late. Nausea is very common with pancreatitis, but in my case, it typically comes and goes. In the last six weeks, It has been severe and constant from the minute I wake up until I go to sleep and that usually does not last nearly long enough (my sleep time is short is what I am trying to say). I am diabetic and it has been a real struggle to eat enough to keep my blood sugar from going too low and have any energy at all. I have used Phenergan, Zofran and the Transderm Scop patches and only Phenergan gives the slightest relief.

I guess my questions are; Has anyone experienced a significant increase in nausea related to chronic pancreatitis? If so, were you and a physician able to discover anything that may have been the culprit? What action was taken either knowing the reason or just treating nausea without knowing the root cause?
Thanks, Gary

@gman007 I’m one of the people Rosemary referred to in the introduction above. I’m 40+ years type 1 diabetic and I have had a pancreas transplant (but that is besides the point here). During my diabetic journey I developed a complication of autonomic neuropathy. It is damage to the nerves that control internal organs. In my case it resulted in gastroparesis. It makes your stomach unable to move food on through to the rest of your GI system for normal digestion. Grossness alert: your whole system locks up & food just sits in your stomach rotting. It causes nausea, vomiting, pain, cramping, constipation & diarrhea. I’ve had 2 bouts of this serious enough to cause hospitalization. During those times I was checked for pancreatitis, had a surgical consult to rule out a bowel blockage, had upper and lower GI tests AKA endoscopy & colonoscopy, plus a stomach emptying test. Once the gastroparesis was diagnosed it became a matter of finding a medication to alleviate &/or prevent the problem plus some dietary changes. Gary, I’m not suggesting you have gastroparesis, but as a fellow diabetic it is worth considering and asking your provider about.

@river, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. And thank you for joining this conversation. I sorry to hear about the medical problems you have experienced.

@river, I want to send you a second Welcome. I am sorry that I cut my first on short, but I ran out of time on Saturday.

I recall that in an earlier post that you mentioned having problem getting an appointment about a transplant evaluation. Have you been able to get an appointment scheduled ? Have you had contact with anyone?

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