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Hepatocellular Carcinoma / Liver Cancer

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Thank you, JK. She is at risk because she has a bad diet and of alcoholism. She is not terribly overweight however. I think they just sent her home assuming that her labs for potassium and magnesium were all that were of concern. I think that it was oversight and that they did not consider the liver profile as a factor or did not want to because of the lack of insurance. It is sad but true.

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@phylliserin I went almost a year and a half before my cirrhosis was diagnosed despite having HE *hepatic encephalopathy) episodes, decreasing platelet counts, shaking hands, and other symptoms but I was never jaundiced and my AST and ALT levels were not hugely out of range, just slightly.
Before cirrhosis occurs there are other stages of liver problems that are reversible. Hopefully if she does have liver problems, and with those AST and ALT results it sounds as if she might, she will get diagnosed and on track to regain her health. I am still not understanding that she can be turned away for lack of money. I know that can be true for transplants, they are so costly as are the drugs afterward, but to get diagnosed? That just doesn't seem right, particularly since if she gets a diagnosis she could possibly be treated before things get worse. Medicaid will not pay?

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