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Hepatocellular Carcinoma / Liver Cancer

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Hello @gmc454mnazl35ashma, welcome to Connect. You may notice I moved your discussion and combined it with a another discussion titled, "Hepatocellular carcinoma / Liver cancer. If you are replying by email, I suggest clicking on VIEW & REPLY so that you can read through some of the previous posts in this discussion.

Mayo Clinic Connect is driven by members and their experiences, unfortunately, medical advice is not something members can offer. However, in addition to the existing members of this discussion, I'd like to invite @bentrivercarla, @charicen, and @silverwoman who have also recently discussed hepatocellular carcinoma.

@gmc454mnazl35ashma, if you are comfortable sharing, is this a question you have discussed with your father's provider?

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The hospital doesn't know about the hepatitis. I will till them asap

Hi Justin – @bentrivercarla here. This is exactly the discussion group I was looking for – I would like to continue to be included and to receive updates from this group. How do I join to assure that? I did have proton beam and six months out so far so good with reduction of my tumor and dramatic improvement of my AFP. Unfortunately my lung cancer of six years ago may have returned in the midst of some inflammatory response to the liver radiation. It is pretty confusing. I have a re-scan in a couple of weeks and I will post then. Thank You for thinking of me.

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