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Hepatocellular Carcinoma / Liver Cancer

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my father recently was diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma of the liver , and extreme cirrhosis , and the doctors asked several times before if he had hepatitis , and my father said no, since he also have fatty liver which caused cirrhosis that what the doctor said, we are in the middle of a treatment right now ,i just knew from my father that he had hepatitis a long time ago i dont which one , so my question is lets say that hepatitis caused the liver cancer is the treatment should be changed or the causes of the liver cancer doesn't matter?

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Hello @gmc454mnazl35ashma, welcome to Connect. You may notice I moved your discussion and combined it with a another discussion titled, "Hepatocellular carcinoma / Liver cancer. If you are replying by email, I suggest clicking on VIEW & REPLY so that you can read through some of the previous posts in this discussion.

Mayo Clinic Connect is driven by members and their experiences, unfortunately, medical advice is not something members can offer. However, in addition to the existing members of this discussion, I'd like to invite @bentrivercarla, @charicen, and @silverwoman who have also recently discussed hepatocellular carcinoma.

@gmc454mnazl35ashma, if you are comfortable sharing, is this a question you have discussed with your father's provider?

@gmc454mnazl35ashma @JustinMcClanahan I too had cirrhosis caused by fatty liver, and also hepatocellular carcinoma. Mine was eliminated with radio frequency ablation. I believe ablation was able to be used because the lesions were small. I think there are a number of ways to treat them, depending on some variables such as size.

It may not matter what the cause is once the carcinoma is present, at that point they are just interested in treating them. That is definitely a question for your father’s doctor though. As I said, my cirrhosis was also caused by fatty liver, but once I had it the cause was not a factor in treating it.

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