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Hepatocellular Carcinoma / Liver Cancer

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The embolization will be on the 8th of this month.I also have cirrhosis of the liver,Is it advisable to do the embolization?

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@japv2001 I realize this is addressed to @hopeful33250 so I hope you don't mind if I contribute again.

You really need to speak to whomever you are dealing with at this point about the embolization. Prior to transplant I dealt with a hepatologist and then when the malignant lesions were discovered I dealt with a medical oncologist. It sounds as if you are still uncertain. I would definitely call them and discuss it to put your mind at ease.

I am terrible when it comes to medical terms so I googled embolization. What I read said it is used when the lesion or tumor is too large for ablation. I am sure different centers have different protocols though. You need to feel comfortable with your team and feel that they are doing what's best for you. If you don't feel that then you should find a different center where you can be confident. I initially went to one transplant center and did not care for it, so I switched to a different one, and was extremely happy with it. Also, I am a big advocate of having second opinions. If you opt for that it will probably delay your embolization though.

As I mentioned before, if the lesions (I am assuming lesions and tumors are the same things?) get larger than a certain size, or if more than a certain number appear — I think the limit is 3 — then you cannot be a candidate for transplant, so you should definitely have this addressed. You have no idea how long you could be waiting for a transplant, you don't want anything to happen in that time that would disqualify you. My center never really asked me if I wanted the ablation, if I recall correctly. They just told me I needed to have that done.

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