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Small Fiber Neuropathy

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@wjones159 that's a good question and I wished I could answer. Unfortunately I have no medical training or background. I had an EMG nerve conduction test to test for nerve damage that was used to diagnose my small fiber peripheral neuropathy. There is a discussion here on Connect about the test:

Groups > Brain & Nervous System > Nerve conduction test

I agree with Chris @artscaping about getting a more definitive diagnosis. Maybe you've already done this but I like the way you listed your health history and if you haven't discussed it with the neurologist I'm wondering if that would give them more data to use.

Keep asking questions…you are your best advocate!


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Hi John,

Unfortunately, an EMG/NCV test/study is unable to objectively and definitively diagnose small fiber neuropathy. Sure, the results may indicate signs of small fiber neuropathy but EMG/NCV tests/studies are best suited for large fiber analysis. A punch skin biospy is really the best way to diagnose small fiber neuropathy.

John, neurologists generally biopsy whichever leg experiences more symptoms. Once results come back positive for small fiber, the only reasons you would repeat in the opposite leg (There are like 2 or 3 labs nationwide that analyze the samples and I know Corinthian Labs which did mine costs THOUSANDS, my insurance didn't cover it, and thankfully the hospital ate the cost), would be if you had a concern or reason to track the progression of neuropathy in that limb, or if the first leg results were unable to provide a clear/definitive diagnosis of either length/non-length dependent SFN.

Hope this helps Scott @wjones159! Everyone has a Saturday will moments of relief!