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Complete Lack of Sleep

Sleep Health | Last Active: May 13, 2018 | Replies (16)

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Hi, @cliffordjames — just thinking of you with your being wide awake without any sleep all day and all night. Wondering how it's going?

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@lisalucier I'm surviving is the best I can say. I didn't add that I have not had an appetite since December 2016. I don't have much hope for ever being the same again.

So very sorry to hear that, @cliffordjames. That's an extremely hard combination with not sleeping and not feeling like eating, as well. "Just surviving" is a very challenging place to be.

I also wanted you to meet @gemmax @johnbishop @parus and @hopeful33250 — wondering if they may have a thought on your situation with the complete lack of sleep and lack of appetite.

You mentioned that this is much more than insomnia. Are you referring to the appetite, or are you experiencing other symptoms, as well?

@lisalucier I am referring to the basis for what is wrong. I believe I know what has happened to my body based on experiences since September 2015. Simply put, I believe my serotonin connection between my gut and my brain is disconnected. The majority, over 90% of our bodies serotonin comes from our GI tract. I believe I severed it in September 2015 and was provided confirmation of such in July 2017 when I began taking serotonin supplements. If you look up what serotonin controls in the body, that is the majority of what my problems are. No Circadian Rhythm, serotonin controls the sleep/wake cycle. Lack of appetite, serotonin is involved in the rhythm for eating as well. Sadly, I believe this is beyond the scope of medicine and medical science and will be wide awake until my death.

@cliffordjames I can't begin to imagine how difficult your situation is. I'm glad you are asking a lot of questions and being a strong advocate for yourself. You mentioned that you are taking serotonin supplements. Do the supplements help you?

Maybe you have already seen these articles but thought they may be related to your situation.

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@johnbishop No, the serotonin supplements did not help. I am simply a man without an official diagnosis or doctor.

@johnbishop No, nothing helps. No Serotonin supplements, No medications. My body just dumps them as there is no connection to my brain from my gut.