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Complete Lack of Sleep

Sleep Health | Last Active: May 13, 2018 | Replies (16)

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Hello, @cliffordjames — wow. That is indeed challenging. Never sleeping would be incredibly hard, I imagine.

I'm thinking that perhaps @jimhd @sandytoes14 @AgentDarien @lknightb @lacey @travelgirl @jenapower @bstephens may have some thoughts about your always-wide-awake, 24/7 condition.

Have you been to see a Sleep Medicine doctor, then, @cliffordjames ?

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Replies to "Hello, @cliffordjames -- wow. That is indeed challenging. Never sleeping would be incredibly hard, I imagine...."

I have tried everything. I don't know what to do. I have tried 7 different sleeping medications to no avail. I also have not had an appetite since December 2016 and have tried psychiatric medication as well. Doesn't help with restoring my appetite and doesn't help with getting any sleep. I believe my body's biology is flawed and I will never sleep again. I have emailed countless doctors, phd researchers in Circadian Rhythm, brain gut connection, and serotonin connection between the gut and the brain. I have come up empty.

@lisalucier I am in the process of seeing a sleep medicine doctor but, I don't think this is a sleep disorder. When I had my consult with a sleep medicine doctor, he couldn't explain why I have no appetite with a sleep disorder. He also could not explain why I have no circadian rhythm. He was able to explain what part of the brain controls Circadian Rhythm but not why I am lacking.

Sounds like this has been a very hard road, @cliffordjames, with few answers so far. Have you by any chance thought about coming to be seen at Mayo Clinic?

@lisalucier I have been seen at The Mayo Clinic. I had an initial consultation there. Nothing came of it because this is treated as a sleep disorder when it is much more than insomnia.