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Lactulose question

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@jodeej , JoDee, Since you are in Rochester, you might find some resources at the Barbara Woodward Lips Patient Education Center. The center is located in the Siebens Building, Subway Level, near the Siebens elevators and the Mayo Clinic Store and the Patient and Visitor Cafeteria. The library receptionist can help you locate hard copy materials. And there is a research librarian who might be able to help you locate information or resources.

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@rosemarya good call! Hopefully I'll have time to get there before we leave tomorrow.
Thanks for the idea! JoDee

@jodeej Were you able to get to the Patient Education Center? Any information?
I hope you were ahead of the weather!

@rosemarya we missed the weather, thankfully! I did not make it to the patient education center. With Tim's ammonia levels being normal I didn't try to get there. One of the hospitals here has a resource center so I may contact them to see what they can get me for information.

@jodeej, as a Mayo Clinic patient, you can request a librarian to search information for you. I’m writing to you while I’m out and about. When I get back to my home office, I’ll send you information on how to do this.

@jodeej here's the contact information for the patient library services in Rochester. http://www.mayo.edu/mayo-clinic-libraries
Mayo Clinic Libraries
200 First St. SW
Rochester, MN 55905
Phone: 507-284-2061
Email: library@mayo.edu

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