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Lactulose question

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@contentandwell we are in Rochester and have an appointment with his doctor on Tuesday. We are going to talk to him about it. Hubs was thinking about short-term disability, but would like to stay working as long as possible. That's why I'm asking about the lactulose. I don't know if he'd want to pay for the xifaxan.

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@jodeej When I first got on xifaxan I asked my hepatologist if I could switch back and forth between lactulose and xifaxan, and she said I could. I was figuring that I would go with the xifaxan when I really did not want to bothered with the lactulose, as when on vacation. I got the prescription I think in June. When my husband saw the difference it made he said he thought we should just go with it so we did. As I said, it was a sacrifice, we are comfortable but not wealthy, but it did make my life, and his, much easier. He was worried constantly about the possibility of my having an HE episode and they were very tough on him so the xifaxan really did help him as much as it did me.

Sending Prayers on Tuesday..

@rosemarya thank you!

I have been on Rifaxin and Lactulose for 2 years. I have mild HE but have found that juggling the lactulose til you get it right works for me I take 1 big slug of it right out of the bottle…lol.. before bed and it works pretty good. PS I usually follow it up with s slug of lemonade…lol

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